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Undergraduate oscillating between St Andrews and London.


Beyonce makes me wanna go get ready for no reason

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She had curves in all the wrong places. She had a boob sticking out of her kneecap and I’d never seen an ass on the back of someone’s head before

She had legs that went on forever. And ever, and ever. Legs going on into the endless primordial void from which we all came from and to which we shall all return. Her toes touched infinity, her hips perched on the cessation of existence.

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did some good tweets today i think

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Job hunting after graduation


Job hunting after graduation

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We have been duped into moving capitalism’s problems around instead of resolving them, into the foolish notion that buying green is an act of divergence from capitalist exploitation.

Worried about car emissions? Buy Tesla’s Model S. Want to fight water misuse? Take shorter showers….

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"Falling in love is not the only adventure worthy of a young woman."
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Vallanes on a calm day.


Vallanes on a calm day.

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Differentology - Bunji Garlin

Carnival was good this year

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When I Grow Up - Fever Ray

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